Certified Nursing Assistants in High Demand in Northern California

As Americans are enjoying greater longevity, the country’s aging Baby Boomer population is creating an increased need for healthcare workers. The result is a nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals, with medical facilities struggling to find enough qualified staff to manage patient care.

One of the most sought-after professionals in the healthcare industry is the certified nursing assistant (CNA). Employment opportunities for CNAs are increasing every year, and experts predict that CNA jobs will only continue to grow over the next decade. This demand has created a golden opportunity for people wanting to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.

What Does a CNA Do?

As the job title suggests, a certified nursing assistant helps nursing staff by providing basic care to patients. CNAs are managed by a supervising RN, who delegates patient care responsibilities. A capable team of CNAs is essential to any healthcare facility, from hospitals and rehab centers, to assisted living and memory care facilities.

Individual patient needs determine a CNA’s daily job requirements. The most common duties of a CNA include recording vitals, assisting in prescribed range-of-motion exercises, and helping patients move in and out of beds, showers, and wheelchairs.

A variety of other tasks can be as diverse as the individuals themselves. Some patients may be recovering from recent surgery, with their mobility only temporarily compromised. Others may be advanced in age or permanently disabled, needing long-term assistance with basic self-care.

CNAs typically spend far more time with patients than members of the clinical team. For this reason, CNAs are asked to report any significant changes in a patient’s condition to the supervising RN, which can influence important medical decisions.

Opportunities in Northern California

MGA Healthcare is currently witnessing a surge in demand for CNAs in Northern California. Thanks to our partnerships with UC Davis Medical Center and Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, our healthcare professionals can expect employment opportunities at some of NorCal’s top hospitals.

Right now, MGA Healthcare is seeking nursing assistants of any skill level for placement at Sacramento-area medical centers and care clinics. These positions are excellent opportunities for newly-certified nursing assistants to gain valuable experience, and a foot in the door at reputable healthcare facilities.

How to Become Certified

There is no shortage of accredited nursing assisting programs in the Golden State. These education programs are extremely affordable compared to a four-year college degree, and can be completed relatively quickly. Try this online tool to find CNA programs in California, searchable by county.

Once your coursework and supervised clinical training hours are completed, you can become certified by passing a written and skills-based state competency exam.

Are you a new resident of California or the United States? MGA Healthcare is happy to consider qualified CNA professionals from around the world. If you are already certified in nursing assisting in another state or country, you may not even need further training to recertify in California. You will be required to complete certain steps before submitting an equivalency application to the California Department of Public Health.

Once you’ve completed the necessary process to become recertified in the state of California, MGA Healthcare will consider your application for immediate job placement.

First Step Toward Nursing Career

While a CNA position is a worthwhile long-term career path in and of itself, it could also serve as a logical step toward a future in nursing. Admission to nursing schools is a competitive process, and top applicants are expected to have hands-on patient care experience.

A strong work history as a CNA will set you apart from a crowded pool of nursing hopefuls. But most importantly, the skills that come from certification and employment as a CNA are an excellent foundation for nursing, or any career in healthcare.

No matter your qualifications, MGA Healthcare can help you find a position to help you achieve your career goals. Visit www.MGAhealthcare.com to browse job openings in Northern California, and throughout the state. If you have questions, we would love to hear from you. Email us at allied@mgahealthcare.com, or call (916) 646-3100.